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Atlantic Auto Spa's founder has a healthy obsession for details.

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Atlantic Auto Spa is owned by Steve Egan. Steve is also the owner of Design Line Kitchens in Sea Girt. Steve is somewhat of a perfectionist as he likes everything to be detailed.

Steve's attention to detail in the construction world crosses over into his personal life as he owns several vehicles. Some vehicles are the family/daily driver(s), some are work vehicles, some classic automobiles... all vehicles tend to be spotless. For many years now Steve used a Local Detailer and Good friend.

Upon his retiring Steve Just could not find the same relationship he had previously with any local detailers. So he partnered up with a couple friends that have a passion for the business as he does.

With that Passion comes a love for Cars and keeping them in Pristine condition. This extends far beyond our own personal interests.

Building relationships with friends who share their Love for their cars is a fun and healthy pastime. It is how Atlantic Auto Spa Came to Life.

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